A library for leveraging pyramid infrastructure asynchronously using the new asyncio.

Aiopyramid provides tools for making web applications with Pyramid and asyncio. It will not necessarily make your application run faster. Instead, it gives you some tools and patterns to build an application on asynchronous servers that handle many active connections.

This is not a fork of Pyramid and it does not rewrite any Pyramid code to run asynchronously! Pyramid is just that flexible.

Getting Started

Aiopyramid includes a scaffold that creates a “hello world” application, check it out! The scaffold is designed to work with either gunicorn via a custom worker or uWSGI via the uWSGI asyncio plugin.

For example:

pip install aiopyramid gunicorn
pcreate -s aio_starter <project>
cd <project>
python develop
gunicorn --paste development.ini

There is also a websocket scaffold aio_websocket with basic tools for setting up a websocket server.

For a more detailed walkthrough of how to setup Aiopyramid see the Tutorial.


  • Jason Housley
  • Guillaume Gauvrit
  • Tiago Requeijo
  • Ander Ustarroz
  • Ramon Navarro Bosch
  • Rickert Mulder